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without the schlep!



Beeline Bagels is a new mobile bagel company in Atlanta serving New York-style bagels and cream cheese.

Customers can choose one cream cheese flavor, or a flight for a multi-flavor blast.

Beeline’s boiled and baked bagels are hand rolled and made from scratch, conveniently sold “to-go” from a custom cart.

We’ll make the schlep so you don’t have to!
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Everything, Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Salt, Cinnamon Raisin


Plain, Whipped, Scallion, Veggie, Strawberry and Honey Smash

The Beeline Bundle

*Catering Only

One Dozen Bagels;

1 pound of tuna or egg salad, 2 x1/2 lb Cream Cheese,

One Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies,

Add on tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and lemon wedges

Location and Hours
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Find us in Inman Park

Hours and cart location dropping soon. Stay tuned!

Catering and Book Cart
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COMING SOON: Book the Bagel and Schmear Cart Today!

Skip the schlep and we’ll come to you. Book our cart at your event today so we can bring the nosh to your neighborhood.

COMING SOON: Full-Service Catering Available

You bring the people; we’ll bring the grub. Take the stress out of planning the food for your event and have a delicious option for every guest.

COMING SOON: Brunch Catering

For smaller parties and brunches, order The Beeline Bundle for your crowd. Our bagels with all the fixings will be the perfect brunch grub no matter the occasion.

Our Story
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Beeline Bagels Founder Niki Hetchkop is the daughter of two Jewish New Yorkers and grew up with bagels as a main staple in her household.

She was making bagels to give out to family and friends during the difficult winter of 2020 to provide some comfort and joy. It was when she started to receive constant bagel requests that she knew she was onto something.

She called owners of bagel shops she admires across the country to learn everything about the bagel business. She joined entrepreneur groups, baked countless bagels, and had friends participate in blind cream cheese taste tests.

After researching the best way to sell her bagels, she discovered her ideal business model is to be mobile so she can move throughout the community. She worked with a company in New York to create a custom pushcart, signed a contract with a commercial kitchen facility, and Beeline Bagels was created. She looks forward to fulfilling walk up orders and working events in Atlanta and beyond.

Niki loves meeting new friends and making people happy through food, so please feel free to contact her today at



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